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Currently under Maintenance and Constructione you.



Products page has been updated to reflect our current games in development.   While we have more games planned for the future, Threads of Tyrus is the first game and where all our focus is currently at.  We thank you for your patience as the development cycle was longer than anticipated however we are sure you will be pleased with a more quality product that we feel is more fitting with the original vision we had for the game.


Work again on Dawn of the Threads has resumed in 2017!  We are working diligently towards ensuring that the game is very balanced regardless whether you shape Patterns or decide to forgo using the Threads altogether.  We have streamlined the skills list yet again to make Character Creation faster and also to further ensure that the skills list is full of skills you would use instead of a list of skills that you may only partially use.   While we know every player won't use every skill (just like real life) we do feel that the list we have now is much more viable to most players and gives the most options while not bogging down game play.


Progress on Dawn of the Threads continues with the revamp on Patterns to bring them into line with Threads of Tyrus to make them more universally similar.  Thanks to the entire Feedback Team that provided results over the last month to help us evaluate results and ensure that we had plenty of viable options available to customers that would be interesting to pick!



Currently we are not hiring.  If you are interested in showing us your portfolio or gallery for future projects, please feel free to click on the Contact Us tab and drop us an email.  Thanks to all those talented people out there and as we expand we will list any job opportunities we have as they become available.